delectatio morosa

delectatio morosa: a pleasure taken in sinful thought or imagination, such as brooding on sexual images. It is distinct from actual sexual desire, and involves voluntary and complacent erotic fantasizing, without any attempt to suppress such thoughts.


good girl, great body

nice and creamy amateur pov vid



Wow….interesting to note that a man does the same thing as I would (except men have a cock to rub against the bed when their pelvis thrusts and humps of perhaps its’ own accord), and seeing that is just as arousing as her enviable orgasm.


This was my view for well over an hour today. Orgasm after orgasm. I fucking love my man. I have no idea how many times I came, but he kept me rolling in waves of orgasm all afternoon. I love him so much. I cannot imagine a life without him. He is fucking incredible to me.

Watch for the toe curls ♥♥♥ and the great sounds of her orgasm.

hey that is pretty good

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